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Expansive Life Coaching

Abundance. Joy. Purpose. Freedom


Certified Life Coach Kira Seale is a New Jersey native. She graduated from Howard University. During the 2020 pandemic she was seeking a sense of purpose, peace, and healing and created a youtube channel Coach Kira (formerly WordsbyKira). The videos are centered around self love and human connection. She interviewed people from different walks of life on their expertise and how they thrive. From this passion project, her desire to help more people lead expansive lives was born and she enrolled in the Dharma Coaching Institute to become a Certified Life Coach. Kira is finalizing her book (Sun Rai). She has produced, coordinated short films, and scripts. Kira loves following her passions, while encouraging others to do the same. It's her super power.

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Ultimately, Seale said, “Turn the focus back to yourself and really just ask yourself who do I want to be now.” 

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Virtual Video Sessions

Career Coaching


  • Helping you navigate the next steps to your desired career

  • Resume tips

  •  Entrepreneurial advice 

  • Building skills towards career and or purpose

  • Goal setting 

Consistency Coaching


  • Provides accountability towards goals

  • Personality analysis to understand motivators & values

  • Help managing uncomfortable feelings to push past setbacks

Self Love Embodiment


  • Self love mindset

  • Confidence building techniques

  • Inner child healing

  • Boundaries setting

  • Worthiness practices

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