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Career Coaching

  • Helping you navigate the next steps to your desired career

  • Resume tips

  • Interview Advice

  • Building Knowledge to Enhance Skillset

Consistency Coaching

  • Accountability, rewards, and inspiration

  • A Personality analysis powerpoint

  • Support to move forward past uncomfortable feelings that could be causing stagnancy

Self Love Lifestyle

  • Self Love Mindset

  • Confidence Building Techniques

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Proficiency in Boundaries

  • Worthiness Practices

Color Stain

Is this You?

  • Are you tired of doing work that isn't fulfilling and doesn't support your strengths, creativity, or progress?

  • Have you been wanting to start a business but feel overwhelmed with where to start?

  • You have multiple talents and interests and don't know which idea to pursue.

  • Do you want custom steps to get closer to your goals, values, and preferred lifestyle?

  • Self love and confidence practices have seemed a bit out of reach and you want some support to grow these virtues.

  • Using practical tools to achieve your desired life combined with wellness activities sounds amazing to you.

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