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Kira Seale
Certified Life Coach

 Vision to Reality

Expansive Life Coaching was created in January 2023. Kira Seale was thinking of ways to make her career more fulfilling and felt very pulled to pursue life coaching. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in John Holland's theory that environments and careers that best fit a person's personality, values, and needs will bring about more joy and success. She loves to be of service to clients during their pursuits and self discovery journeys. Kira also currently works as a Career Coach at Hofstra University supporting students and alumni.

Throughout her life Kira dealt with multiple trials and tribulations such as grief at a young age after losing her beloved grandmother.

She suffered from a lot doubt about her worthiness and life direction. After growing her relationship with God and undergoing therapy she uncovered a deep level of self acceptance and compassion that completely transformed her life in beautiful ways. Her finances improved, creativity flourished, personal relationships blossomed and she felt more authentic.

While listening to Sahara Rose's highest self podcast she learned about the Highest Self Institute. She quickly enrolled and set on the path to help other people find their purpose and self love through the tools she learned in her own experiences and the beautifully sound education through HSI. Through her own work of healing, boundary creating, goal setting and achieving she wanted to share her coaching combination with the world. Embodying spiritual wisdom and productivity habits to lead to an expansive life.

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